Friday, February 8, 2013

Feminist Friday: Responding to Sexual Assault

(Trigger Warning!)

A few weeks ago, there was a Thought Catalog article (yes, another one) titled "What if We Responded to Sexual Assault By Limiting Men's Freedom Like We Limit Women's?" would we respond? Reading the article and thinking about it I was reminded of a few analogies:

Here's a favorite of mine:
Let’s imagine a world in which women cut men’s dicks off. Like, frequently. To the extent that one in five men has had his dick cut off by a woman or had a woman attempt to cut his dick off.
Sometimes it’s a clear-cut case where a woman attacks you in the street, out of nowhere, and cuts your dick off. But more often it’s a situation where you actually know the woman, maybe you trust her, maybe you think everything’s okay, and then one day she cuts your dick off.
Okay, now let’s also say that the shame and guilt around having your dick cut off is so strong that many dick-cuttings go completely unreported. After all, someone is likely to raise the question of whether or not you were “asking for it” in one way or another. And if you do accuse a woman of cutting your dick off, you can expect to see people (quite naturally) rally to her defense and slander your character in response.
You can expect to see her friends … who are maybe also friends or yours … shrug their shoulders and say “Well, I don’t know, it’s complicated … it sounds like something was just happening between the two of them and maybe it got out of hand. I dunno. But I know that Sarah’s not a bad gal. I know she would never, like, MALICIOUSLY cut a dude’s dick off.”
Now imagine every time it says "cut a man's dick off" replace it with "rape" and you'll see why I get really pissed off when people don't take sexual assault seriously.

Finally, some Rape Prevention Tips (for men!):

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