Saturday, February 9, 2013

Job Hunting as told my Disney Gifs

At first you're like, "Yay! I'm all set for this! Let's get started!"

And you dream about a job that I love, that uses you skills, that's in the perfect place, with the perfect people, and actually pays you. 
And you're all ready to go, but life is like, "haha sucks to suck, there's no jobs out there for you."
 You look everywhere...but to no avail
And so despair takes over.

But then you find a job that is PERFECT for you
And you're like, "Hi. Hi. Hi. PICK MEEEEEE"
But then it turns out they want you to move to bumfuck nowhere Arkansas. And you're like uhhhhhh...

And so you sick in to a deep depression.

And there's no happy ending. You're just three months away from graduation with no job and mounting student loan debt.

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