Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I miss London...

When someone finds out I went abroad, the first thing they usually asks me is "What was your favorite part?"
Well that's easy. Everything.

I mean, not everything is amazing. Rush hour on the Tube was a hot mess. The food was overall pretty bland. Everything was at least twice as expensive as I was used to. Public restrooms cost money. But even the shitty stuff was still amazing because I was in London.

And I learned so much about myself. I learned just how capable I was at being independent. I learned that I could adapt to a lot more than I was every able to before.

My entire reality kind of shifted, and opened.

I miss pubs, true English pubs.
I miss seeing a massive, sleek contemporary office building next to a cottage-y 6-hundred-year-old inn.
I miss public transportation.
I miss the accents.
I miss that Dublin and Paris and Rome are only a hop, skip, and a train/plane ride away.
I miss traveling, being somewhere new every single weekend.
I miss exploring. New parts of town, a new city, and new person.
I miss the diversity. In Iowa, everyone I'm surrounded by is the same. We all went to that kind of high school, and go to that kind of college and had the same experiences and the same views.
I miss being on the same continent as Lisa.
I miss Camden Market.
I miss all the walking.
I miss the National Gallery. I went there like 15 times, I swear and I still didn't see everything.
I miss how much more liberal Europe is than America.
I miss the history. Every building, every street, every city has a history. Antiques aren't 150 years old, like in the states. They're like 800 years old. It's mindblowing.

After being in London, I knew I had to get out of Iowa. I want diversity and things to do and places to be and people to meet.

I want London.


  1. My dream is visit London or live in London! I'm Brazilian and I loved your blog!