Friday, September 11, 2015

#FeministFriday Podcast you need in your life

I was never really into podcasts before moving to DC. I had tried to download some, but it never really stuck with me. Then I discovered these pesky little things called "public transportation" and "commutes" and I realized that my life would suck without podcasts. With a 40-minute bus ride in the morning and a 20-minute bike ride in the evening, these podcasts keep me sane.

Buzzfeed's Another Round 
I get SO EXCITED when I realize Tuesday morning as I'm leaving my apartment that there's going to be another episode from Heben and Tracy waiting for me. Another Round is like happy hour with friends cooler than your current friends. In just a few short months of existing, their podcast has covered race, gender, politics, mental health, hip hop, and squirrels.

The New Yorker's Political Scene
This podcast has been around for a few years, but I've only recently started listening to it. As a political nerd, I find this podcast fascinating. I really like how they go in-depth into one topic per week, and bring in great writers and editors to discuss the issues, most recently the GOP debate, Trump, immigration, abortion (although shame on them for having all-male contributors to this episode, come on!) the Iran Deal, and race relations in America.

Bitch Media's Popaganda & Backtalk 
So ya'll are getting a two-for-one deal here. Bitch Media has two podcasts per week, and both are killer. The first is Popaganda, a feminist response to pop culture. This hour-long podcast goes in-depth into topics or themes, like their Transformations episode where they had a story about an artist who's music slowly altered from "human to electronica," gender dynamics in the comic industry, and an interview with two transgender individuals growing up with very different experiences being trans. Backtalk is a podcast with Amy Lam and Sarah Mirk where they discuss big pop culture news of the week through a feminist lens, and then talk about something new they're reading, watching, and listening to, which is honestly where I get like 50% of my new recommendations.

So this is kinda nerdy, but I'm a huge fan of CalCASA's PreventConnect podcasts. By CalCASA, I mean the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and by PreventConnect, I mean the project that does primary prevention of sexual and domestic violence. Again, nerdy, I know. But listening to activists and advocates in my field talk about issues that I work with everyday is refreshing and almost invigorating. There's so many awesome folks out there doing this work, and I want to hear from them all!

Obviously, there are so many more podcasts I'm loving right now, including Internet Explorer, The Read, This American Life, Freakonomics, and Stuff Mom Never Told You. I encourage you to check them all out!

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