Friday, February 22, 2013

Feminist Friday: How people react to feminism

So I got an idea to make gif reactions of when I talk to people about feminism. It wasn't totally my idea. I was cruisin' the Hollaback DSM webpage and discovered Becca's Holladay Gifs, and I realized how accurate those were, and how many times stuff like that happened to me, especially when I talk about feminism. So ladies and gentlemen, here you go.

How people react when I bring up feminism, as told by gifs:

When I hear another Republican politician mansplaining to be about how my body works.

When someone tries to tell me how "friendzoned" they are and deserve sex.

When I get catcalled in pasta aisle at the grocery store:

Trying to change the perception of feminism in popular culture:

Trying to find a redeeming quality in Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann:
But finally, I'm just like:

Society's perception of feminists:
My future, most likely:

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