Friday, March 8, 2013

Feminist Friday: Women's History Month

Barack Obama has proclaimed March as Women's History Month.

Kay. Awesome. I'm totally all for this. Women are mysteriously missing from 97.246% (I just made that up) of our history books. It's time we recognize women for their accomplishments.

Except, without any actual change or progress, Women's History Month will continue to be a punchline to a bad joke.  In the whole proclamation, he fails to mention reproductive rights, which is KIND OF A BIG DEAL. I therefore refer you to Shakesville, who points out that every year the Obama does this.

I mean, yea it's cool, Women's History month should be in existence. And yea, I'm kind of in love with Obama and really respect him. But our president can't just be the lesser of two evils (which is he, fo sho). I agree with Obama most of the time, but jeez, man, come on. Throw us a bone. Maybe mention 2nd wave feminism and the birth control movement-you know, the one that gave us back some power over our reproductive systems.

Call feminists a broken record, but it would be nice to have some official recognition of our fight for control over our bodies. Especially since this week Arkansas has joined the club of 7 other states and banned abortion after 20 weeks.

So in conclusion:
Yay Women's History Month!

Boo restricting my rights to my own body!

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